December 21, 2017

How to listen


You should be able to listen to the American History Podcast anywhere you currently listen to podcasts (email me if I’m missing your favorite platform, and I’ll submit it!).

I’ve listed links to the show’s page on each major podcasting platform (and its RSS feed) below.

What is a podcast?

If you’re interested in American History, but are new to podcasts, you may be wondering what exactly a podcast is and how you can listen to one.

Podcasts are essentially internet radio shows.  In fact, many traditional radio shows also release episodes in podcast form.  Much like radio programs, most podcasts release episodes at regular intervals, but instead of a radio station, you’re tuning in online.  You could use an app to do this, or you can just come back to this website every week.

Most people choose apps, though, because you can use them to set up a personalized radio station. If you have an iPhone, you’ll already have iTunes on your phone, and you can listen to any podcast there.  If you have an Android phone, you can listen on Google Play.

You can listen on:

iTunes/Apple Podcasts

Subscribe on Android



Pocket Casts



TuneIn – Works with Amazon Alexa

Google Play – For Android

Here’s the RSS feed.