Jamestown 6: A new era

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Replacing anarchy with tyranny

As the Jamestown settlers prepared to abandon North America, they met up with Lord Delaware’s fleet.  It was the first ship the Virginia Company had been able to fund since the disastrous Third Supply, and it was largely thanks to Delaware’s influence that the mission was funded.  He ordered them to turn around, and turned the colony into a military camp under martial law.

The settlers faced strict new rules, and the Powhatan now faced soldiers marching in armored formation.

Delaware was forced to return home, and Thomas Dale took his place.  Dale took all Delaware’s reforms a step further, instituting a death penalty for even the most minor infractions.  The Powhatan tried to counter the new English raids with hit-and-run attacks on lone England, and for the next five years, settlers had to face the twin dangers of Powhatan war, and Dale’s brutal oppression.

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